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The Concept

Modern day Vietnam is changing at a rapid pace with daily improvements to the general way of life. Popular demands are becoming strikingly diverse with existential worries giving way to an increased concern about the quality of life.

In this time of progression new issues emerge but it is also a period when traditional cultural values and lifestyles may be abandoned or lost by the wayside. In such a way invaluable expertise risk falling into oblivion faced by the development of new technology and processes.

Traditional liquor is not beyond this threat. With a thorough comprehension of this, Sơn Tinh has embraced the task to re-establish trust in the future of Vietnam’s traditional liquor brand. Sơn Tinh respects the value of traditional expertise, regarding it as a secret instilled in each product and heightening the appreciation of enjoying a fine liquor.

The Commitment

It is the commitment to style and quality that guides the development of Sơn Tinh products.

For many years Sơn Tinh has not ceased to perfect its production process, using only the best raw materials to create the outstanding flavours found in its products. Modern distillation knowledge, combined with a lengthy maturing process, results in a unique product of the highest standard.

Today Sơn Tinh is proud to sit on the same shelf as the world’s most renowned liquor brands.

The Humanities

Modern Man leads a hectic and challenging life. In a time when efficiency and productivity are benchmarks to assess potential success it is fair that one deserves a worthy liquor as a reward for a busy day. Forgetting your worries and easing your stress is what a glass of Sơn Tinh liquor can offer you. Behind each of Sơn Tinh’s products are people that are committed to ensure the highest quality and safeguard the prestige of Sơn Tinh.

Modernity is a process - extending traditions into the future - rather than a state. It is a mindset that accepts change, respects the idiosyncrasy of others, yet departs from a very clear consciousness of oneself, one’s community and history.

Sơn Tinh is modern, it is The Future of Tradition, and The Tradition of the Future.

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