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BREAKING NEWS! Sơn Tinh awarded "Distillery of the Year" at New York International Spirits Competition

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NYISC Distillery of the Year Award

NEW! Sơn Tinh Food Matching

There's a Sơn Tinh liquor for every occasion …
- Sơn Tinh Rose Apple, Sơn Tinh Apricot & Sơn Tinh Passion Fruit liquors are ideal with strong cheeses and smoked or charcoal-grilled meat; a perfect accompaniment to spicy dishes such as curries.
- Sơn Tinh Red Plum is a nice match with egg-based or spicy vegetable dishes.
- Sơn Tinh Minh Mạng is a perfect accompaniment to white poultry dishes.
- Sơn Tinh Mỹ Tửu & Sơn Tinh Bổ Sa Pa are ideal with smoked meat or Italian pasta; their earthy flavours also perfectly complements spicy Asian dishes.
- Sơn Tinh Nhất Dạ combines well with salty snacks.
- Sơn Tinh Vương Tửu is an ideal match with egg dishes and red meats.
- Sơn Tinh Bạch Sâm complements fish and seafood dishes well; also ideal with grilled and cured meats.
- Sơn Tinh Nếp Cẩm is a perfect accompaniment to red meats and strong cheeses; matches well with dishes containing nuts.
- Sơn Tinh Nếp Phú Lộc is an ideal match for all fish and seafood dishes; also perfect with rare meat.

The perfect combination


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